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Frequently asked questions

What is a doula?2018-12-05T20:22:20-05:00

Doula is a Greek term that translates literally as “a woman who serves”.  A doula is a non-medical birth professional that provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, in labor, or has recently given birth.  Women have been supporting other women in birth for centuries and the positive effects are tried and true.

Does Greeneville Doula support home and/or hospital births?2018-12-05T20:18:42-05:00

Yes and yes! I love supporting all different types of birth so long as there is a certified Midwife or Doctor in attendance (doulas don’t deliver babies!).

How will a doula work with my significant other?2018-12-05T20:18:27-05:00

I love to help the birth partner support the mother, giving little tips on how they can help her and making sure that they are as involved as they want to be.  To both parents (and any additional friends or family present) I offer 100% of my loving support, a calm presence, and extensive knowledge about birth and postpartum. Supporting the partner is key in making the birth a beautiful experience for your whole family.

What if I need a cesarean?2018-12-05T20:18:57-05:00

Planned or not, a cesarean birth can be both mentally and physically taxing.  I continue my loving support for cesarean births, just like any other birth!  It can truly be a beautiful experience.

What if I want an epidural?2018-12-05T20:18:50-05:00

I’ll support you fully in your birth decisions! An epidural can be an amazing tool in birth.  Whether you absolutely don’t want one, you’re open to considering one, or you definitely want one, I’ll support you.  I will support you leading up to active labor, and, should you choose to get an epidural, I’ll continue to support you with emotional support, changing positions, and helping you and your partner stay connected to the incredible process of giving birth.